Mohammad Amin Abolghasemi

Graphic Designer / Industrial Photographer

Mr. MOHAMMAD AMIN ABOLGHASEMI, was born in 1980 in Tehran and after completion his secondary studies, graduated in the field of Civil Engineering from Islamic Azad University of Karaj.In addition to passing his course of studies in the field of civil engineering, he engaged at photography and industrial retouching as well as graphic art and gained credible experiences from prominent masters such as his father, i.e. Mr. Dr. Mohammad Hadi Abolghasemi. Since 2001, he has acted in the capacity of Managing Director and manager and superintendence of designers and graphite specialists of Jazireh Designers Group.

 In 2011, by establishing, equipping and operating one of the most equipped industrial photography studios in Iran, he began his activities in the field of industrial photography and retouching.

 By recruiting the efficient manpower as well as using the modernist industrial photography and retouching equipment and relying on noteworthy supports of the prominent employers of the country, Nine Industrial Photo Studio Group, has introduced itself as the pioneer brand in the field of industrial photography through recent years. Employing the most advanced equipment together with know-how, knowledge and art of young and skilled manpower has caused its rate of progress to be accelerated and now we have reached the highest peak of photography in Iran.

 In addition to a wide range of customers, we have cooperated with more than 300 well-known brands of Iranian industries from companies, enterprises, great commercial holdings and powerful private-owned and governmental sections in the field of industrial photography and graphic continuously. What we have presented here constitutes small samples of these great industrial units which have been prepared and delivered to them after industrial photography and retouching.

  • Name : Mohammad Amin Abolghasemi
  • Email : CEO@studio9.co
  • Phone : +98 912 212 2962
  • Address: No. 46, After Kaj St, South Esteghlal Blvd, Azimieh, Karaj, Alborz State, Iran
  • Nationality: Iran

Date of Birth : 07 February 1980

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My Skills

Just My Awesome Skills

Expert skill in different fields of photography, working with photography and retouch software, applied plugins, along with image and video editing software.


19 Years Experience!

Along with studying in university and with the help of my father (Dr. Mohammad Hadi Abolghasemi) and obtaining the official license with the number 1827, I established Jazireh Advertising Agency, and have been working as the CEO and head of the designing department since then. With establishing and opening of various commercial departments in the field of industrial photography, education, modeling photography, designing advertising and business websites, and also designing and supervising cunstruction and interior design projects, I have always aimed at expanding our primary company throughout all these years. In all the companies mentioned earlier, I have always worked as the founder and COO. You can read a brief description of my working experiences.

Current 2001 - Jazireh Agency

CEO & Graphist, 2001 - Current

Ever since the establishment of Jazireh Advertising Ajency, I’ve been working as the CEO, graphist, and head of the designing team, and have had a major role in expanding this company and many of its graphic works.

Current-2013- Studio Nine

Founder & Chair of the Board, 2013-Current

After 11 years of hard work, valuable experience that I earned all those years, and considering the shortage of quality industrial photos, I decided to establish Nine industrial photography with the help of my brother (Nima Abolghasemi), and through my knowledge and experience, I managed to establish and expand the most professional and well-equipped photography company in my country.

Current 2013 - Megat Group

Founder & Chair of the Board

Along with the establishment of Studio Nine, and with the goal of forming an international holding, I established the company Melal Gostar Aria Tamaddon, with the brand Megat, and have been working as the founder and chairman of the board up to this date. The main activities of this company are focused on all services regarding photography, modelling, advertising, printing, education, designing, interior design and construction projects.

Current 2013 - Pro Nine

Founder & Chair of the Board

5 years from establishing Studio Nine, using the experiences that I earned in photography, I formed a separate department named Pro Nine, and have been working as its founder and chairman of the board since then. This brand focuses on modelling.

Current 2019 - Nine Plus

Founder & Chair of the Board

Due to the increasing demand in teaching industrial and modelling photography, and also considering business goals of the Megat company, I established an educational department named Nine Plus, with the help of my brother, and have also been working as a senior instructor in this field.

Education & experience

Just My Education

A little information about my education, my field of study in university, academic courses I have taken, and skills that I earned all these years.

Civil Engineering

As my field of study in university was irrelevant to my field of work in recent years, but I graduated in Civil Engineering from Azad University of Karaj, and had less activity in this field comparing to others. But since the establishment of Megat company, my works in the related field started once again.

Industrial Photography

Along with earning experience and using methods of the most popular international photographers like Karl Taylor and Scot Kelby, and passing academic courses for industrial photography, I have been working in this field of art.

Printing Design & Graphics

Along with all the executive and managing tasks that I have had in these years, I took courses and educated in printing design and graphics and reached expert level at these skills, and also created valuable works in these fields.

Industrial Retouch

Industrial photography is imperfect without the required knowledge for editing images. Therefore I managed to reach high levels of skills in industrial retouch after passing academic courses of retouching methods and principles, and learning through tutorials of very reputable companies like Lynda.

UI Design

Along with executive tasks and activities in the fields that I mentioned, I also earned experience in UI design for websites and portals and did numerous works in this field.

Architectural Design

Considering my field of study in university and due to the numerous orders for architectural design that I received in the past few years, and after passing academic courses and working with architectural design software like AutoCAD and 3DMax, I managed to earn valuable experience and created numerous related works.


Companies and Organizations

A list of reputable companies and organizations that I worked with, regarding various photography services.

Contact Me

Let's Keep In Touch

I have provided my contact information here for you, in case you need to get more details about me or my work. I will try to be as quick as possible to reply to you. Feel free to call me or send me an email.

No. 46, After Kaj St, South Esteghlal Blvd, Azimieh, Karaj, Alborz State, Iran

+ 98 912 21 22 962

+ 98 21 224 24 153


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